How to Mix Paint to Get Duck Egg Blue

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Things You'll Need

  • Palette

  • Paintbrush or other mixing utensil

  • Cyan paint

  • Yellow paint

  • Peach paint

  • White paint

Use a careful combination of cyan, yellow, peach, and white paints to make duck egg blue.

Duck egg blue is a pale blue color with a slight tinge of green. It is a very muted, cool color and may even appear slightly gray to some. Duck egg blue paint can be used for a variety of crafts or as an indoor wall color. To mix paint to get duck egg blue, you will need a basic understanding of color and hue. While the process will not take very long, you will have to be patient as you carefully add and mix colors to the palette until you find that perfect shade of duck egg blue.


Step 1

Put a dob of each paint color around the edge of your palette, leaving an open space to mix the duck egg blue paint.

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Step 2

Scoop a large amount of white paint onto the open space in the palette. White will make up the majority of the duck egg blue paint, so use as much as you think you will need based on your respective project.

Step 3

Add cyan to the white paint in small increments, mixing entirely each time before adding more.

Step 4

Add a small amount of yellow paint to the mixture. Again, add paint incrementally to make sure that you do not turn the color too green, but rather only slightly green.


Step 5

Add a very small amount of peach paint. This will cool down the color of the duck egg blue paint and make it more muted.

Step 6

Continue to add a combination of cyan, yellow, and peach paint until you reach the desired color.


If the paint color becomes too dark, it may be best to start over. You should always mix dark paint into light paint – in this case, cyan into white – because it is much easier to darken a color than it is to lighten it. You may find that you are adding tons of white paint and still not achieving the desired color if you attempt to fix paint that has become too dark.

Be patient and go slowly. It is when you start to add too much paint too quickly that the color may change too drastically for you to fix it.


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