How to Use the Sears Router Crafter Model No. 720-25250

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Although the Model 720-25250 Router Crafter was discontinued by Sears in the late 1980s, it is still a valued tool among woodworkers. The Sears Router Crafter is a functional, project-oriented machine for the at-home woodworker which combines the ease of use of a router with the precision and accuracy of a lathe. You can easily create a number of intricately turned projects on your Router Crafter, from table legs to finials.


Step 1

Set your raw workpiece into the tailstock frame, and secure it in place by twisting the hex keys at each end. Unlike conventional lathes, blank pieces shaped on your Router Crafter should have a square cross-section in order to lock properly into the frame. Also remember that the Router Crafter cannot operate all the way to the edges of the frame, so take into account a 100-millimeter margin on each side of your blank workpiece.


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Step 2

Adjust the height of the router. Twist the left foot of the carriage until the router is positioned at your desired height.

Step 3

Turn on the router and allow the cutting blade to come up to speed.


Step 4

Rotate the turning handle, orienting one corner of the workpiece under the blade. Lower the blade slowly onto the corner, and pull the router from one side of the piece to the other, removing the corner of the workpiece.

Step 5

Rotate the handle, and remove the remaining corners of the workpiece. Your workpiece should now be octagonal in shape and will be marked by eight slight corners.


Step 6

Pass the router across each of the 8 new corners, further rounding the shape of the workpiece.

Step 7

Slide the router to one side of the workpiece. Lower the blade and rotate the turning handle while holding the router in place. Once the workpiece has rotated 360 degrees, slide the router down the workpiece. Continue working in this way, until the entire workpiece is completely rounded off.


Step 8

Turn off the router and attach your desired finishing bit. Bits are available for a variety of functions, from straight edges to deep flutes to scallops.

Step 9

Set the router in your desired location by tightening the carriage stops on either side. Turn on the router and slowly lower the cutting blade onto the workpiece while rotating the turning handle clockwise. Raise the cutting blade and turn off the motor when the desired depth and shape is attained.


Always take appropriate safety precautions when working with your Router Crafter. Wear hearing, respiratory and eye protection. Switch off and unplug the router when changing blades and keep hands away from the cutting edges at all times.


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