How to Melt Staples

Things You'll Need

  • Protective face mask

  • Work gloves

  • Blow torch

  • Steel welding surface

Melt down staples with a blow torch flame.

Used staples may be small, but the metal adds up in some professions. The world over, office workers and carpenters alike use staples everyday. Unlike paperclips, staples can't be reused to connect papers together, and they can't be recycled in bins. As an alternative to trashing your used staples, you can melt them together to make tiny crafts and ornaments. Steel staples have an extremely high melting point of 2,550 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can melt tin, zinc or aluminum staples with a handheld blow torch.

Step 1

Put on a protective face mask and work gloves to protect yourself from heat and fumes.

Step 2

Place staples in their desired arrangement on a steel welding surface.

Step 3

Aim a blow torch from 6 inches away toward the staples and turn it on. Move the flame evenly over the staples until they are melted to your satisfaction.