How to Clean Dried Eucalyptus

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Things You'll Need

  • Blow dryer with adjustable temperature

  • Soft-bristled paintbrush

Dried eucalyptus should be cleaned regularly to keep your decor piece looking its best.

Dried eucalyptus branches are often used in dried flower arrangements because of their ability to keep their form flawlessly and their subtle fragrance. Even though the eucalyptus is dried, the stems and leaves still contain a lot of oils, which are ideal for dust particles to stick to. After time, dust build-up will take away from the eucalyptus's natural beauty and give it a fuzzy appearance. Properly cleaning the eucalyptus should be delicate as to not break the leaves from the branch.


Step 1

Adjust the temperature setting on your blow dryer to "cool."

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Step 2

Hold the end of the blow dryer 12 inches away from the dried eucalyptus and turn it on the low setting. Move the blow dryer to blow larger pieces of dust down the entire length of the plant.


Step 3

Brush each individual leaf with a soft bristled paintbrush to remove any smaller particles of dirt that were too stuck to be removed with the blow dryer.



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