How to Fix a Snag on a Towel

Remove rings, bracelets and watches before handling towels.

Towels of all sorts, including beach, hand and kitchen cloths, have a smooth surface but sometimes they can snag. If you've purchased a special set of holiday towels you don't have to toss them away just because you noticed a pulled section — you can fix it. In most cases, you can trim the fabric away in just a few seconds. Stopping a snag while it is minimal will save your linens from further damage. Save your favorite towels by checking them for snags occasionally during washing and drying.

Step 1

Lay the towel on a flat, clean surface. Smooth out any wrinkles with your hands.

Step 2

Locate the snag with your hand or find it visually. Move the open scissors over the snag as close to the towel as possible.

Step 3

Snip away the snag cleanly. Re-examine the towel to verify that you've cut away the snag.