How to Get Rid of Maple Seeds

Maple seeds cascade everywhere, which can leave you with hundreds of seedlings sprouting around your home. Getting rid of the seedlings while they're still small prevents you from accidentally nurturing maple trees. Choose the right removal method by the location of the unwanted sprouts, and uproot the seeds, repeating as often as you notice new sprouts.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn mower

  • Hoe

Step 1

Mow your lawn with a lawn mower to kill maple seedlings that have sprung up in your grass. If the seedlings don't die after one mowing, they will with subsequent mowing and normal lawn activity, such as walking and playing in the yard.

Step 2

Hoe a garden bed if seedlings have sprung up there. After you hoe, pull out the uprooted seeds and dispose of them.

Step 3

Pull seedlings by hand that are growing in established flower beds.


Male maple trees do not produce seeds, so consider introducing a male as your next tree if you're worried about seeds.

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