How Do I Reset Brita Faucet Filters?

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Using a faucet filter can give you and your family fresh, clean drinking water instantly when you turn on your faucet. Brita filters in particular carry a life of 100 gallons or four months, whichever comes first, allowing you to enjoy filtered water without the hassle of monthly filter replacement. However, when the indicator signals it is time to change the filter, you'll need to know how to reset Brita faucet filters to get rid of the old filter and put in a new one.


Step 1

Look for the filter indicator as a red tab showing through a window or a red, flashing light, depending on filter model. Purchase a replacement filter suitable for your model as soon as the indicator reflects the need for a new filter.

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Step 2

Turn the knob or slide the water function handle on the faucet filter so the water comes out of the filter, not the faucet, depending on model. Turn the water off. Push the cartridge release button on the backside of the faucet filter.


Step 3

Hold the existing cartridge and lift it straight up to remove. If the filter will not come easily, try pushing the release button again. Throw out or recycle the old filter as appropriate.

Step 4

Remove the replacement filter from its packaging and hold the filter with one hand along the bottom. Bring the bottom edge of the filter to the faucet unit and align the filter so the two prong-like extensions slip into the corresponding holes in the unit.


Step 5

Push the filter downward into the unit until it clicks. Turn on the faucet and allow water to flow through the filter for a total of five minutes to rinse away stray carbon particles and activate the filter. The five minutes does not count toward your 100-gallon filter ability.


An indicator behind a window that is half-white and half-red, or an amber-colored light, depending on model, signals that your filter needs replacing soon. Store any unused, packaged filters for later use in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight until your faucet filter needs changing again.


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