How to Change a Name on a Tattoo

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Cover up a name tattoo with larger work.

Unforeseen circumstances can sometimes leave you with a name tattoo you no longer want. Although you may have been certain enough you'd be with your true love forever to get his name inked on your skin, sometimes things don't go as planned. If you have a tattoo of someone else's name and you regret it, you have options other than looking at it forever. An unwanted tattoo can be removed with lasers or covered up with a new design.


Step 1

Measure the space the tattoo takes up. Knowing the exact width and height of the work can help you plan a successful cover-up tattoo.

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Step 2

Visit tattoo shops and tattoo artists' websites to get ideas for a cover-up. Look at the artists' portfolios, preferably in person at the shop, and discuss ways to change the name on your tattoo.


Step 3

Go with a design featuring blue, black and/or green. It is generally not possible to cover up dark ink with lighter ink. You cannot hide a name with white ink if it is tattooed in black ink, but you can blend it away behind dark blue flowers.

Step 4

Get a bigger tattoo to cover up a smaller one. Your chances of successfully changing the name on your tattoo to a new piece in which the name cannot be seen increase the larger you are willing to go.


Step 5

Visit a plastic surgeon for a laser removal treatment as an alternative. You may be able to remove the name entirely or change it to a different word by removing certain letters. Even if you plan to cover it with a new tattoo, a session or two of laser lightening before your cover-up appointment can give your artist more freedom in design and color choice.


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