How to Tell the Year of Homelite Saws

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Homelite has been a manufacturer of hand-held outdoor power tools such as trimmers, blowers, edgers and hedge trimmers since it was founded in Port Chester, N.Y., by Charles H. Ferguson in 1921. The company was founded during Ferguson's attempts to try to create a gasoline-powered home generator. Homelite also makes a line of chainsaws. In order to determine the year the Homelite saw was made, product and serial numbers should be used.


Step 1

Look inside the owner's manual of the chainsaw to see if there is a small sticker on it with two numbers. The top number is the model number and the bottom number is the serial number. If it is not inside the manual, or the manual cannot be found, move on to the next step.

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Step 2

Check near the base of the saw casing on the left-hand side to find a small sticker. Use a rag to wipe the saw down if it is dirty so the sticker can be read. Copy both the product number and serial number down.


Step 3

Call (800) 242-4672. Wait for a Homelite technician to get on the phone and then relay both numbers to them so they can get you the date the saw was manufactured.


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