How to Lubricate the Outside of Electrical Plugs

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire brush

  • De-oxidizing fluid

  • Foam-tip swabs

  • Electrical lubricant

Lubricate electrical plugs and bulbs to ease connection.

Some electrical connections are very tight, which causes abrasion and makes the connections unnecessarily difficult. Corrosion and oxidation can cause the problem, potentially damaging the device attached to the connector. Used on lightbulbs and AC contacts, various forms of lubricants can assist.


Step 1

Clean any loose corrosion from the metal contacts or wires, using the metal wire brush.

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Step 2

Wipe the connectors thoroughly using the de-oxidizing fluid, applied with a foam-tip swab.

Step 3

Allow the de-oxidizing fluid to flash dry. Remove any excess with a clean swab.


Step 4

Spray, dip, or wipe a thin layer of the electrical lubricant on the wire or contact. If using spray, allow a few seconds for the carrying solvent to evaporate.

Step 5

Slide or screw the connector into its receptacle.



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