How to Apply Sevin Dust to a Garden

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Things You'll Need

  • Dust gun

  • Rubber gloves

  • Safety glasses

A light dusting of Sevin keeps pests off your plants and flowers.

Sevin dust is suitable for use in virtually any type of garden, whether it is fruit, vegetable or ornamental. The chemical comes in powder and liquid form and kills virtually any insect, including bees. It is potent enough that one common use is to wipe out bee colonies when they nest in inappropriate areas. The chemical is a good way of saving your plants, fruits and vegetables from insects that destroy them. When using the product on fruits and vegetables, you need to make sure to wash them thoroughly before eating them. Because the chemical is harmful to pets and humans, you need to exercise care when using the product in areas frequented by pets and children.


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Step 1

Check the weather to be sure that it is not windy or rainy. Put on the rubber gloves and safety glasses. Fill the dusting gun with the ready-to-use Sevin dust.

Step 2

Dust the leafy areas of the plants lightly using the dusting gun starting from the farthest point and working your way backward.

Step 3

Return the Sevin dust to the original container when the application is complete. Do not store the chemical without proper labeling. When the original container is empty, properly discard it and never use the container for anything else.


Sevin dust is hazardous. Never attempt to apply it through any type of irrigation system. You may hear of people using Sevin to treat fleas on their pets. This is a dangerous practice and could be fatal to your pet. If your pet ingests this chemical, seek veterinary assistance. If a person ingests this chemical, seek medical assistance.