How to Make a Banana Dolphin

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Things You'll Need

  • Banana

  • Scissors

  • Permanent marker

Turn an ordinary banana into a dolphin look-alike.

Fruits can be used to create crafts. This edible type of craft can be used to get children interested in fruit. Teach your young children or students to make a dolphin out of a banana. By transforming a banana into a piece of art that looks like a dolphin, you are provided with the opportunity to teach children lessons about art, dolphins or healthy foods. This craft can also be done at a children's party as a snack or favor to take home.


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Step 1

Cut a banana with a pair of scissors on the end of the banana that does not have a stem attached. This is typically the end that you do not peel a banana from. Make a cut that is approximately one to two inches long in the center of the end of the banana. This cut is the mouth of the dolphin.


Step 2

Hold the banana with your non-writing hand so it curves downward like an upside down smile.

Step 3

Draw a mouth on the banana with a permanent marker by making a short line that curves upward from the end of where you made the cut on the banana. This is the dolphin's smiling mouth.


Step 4

Draw an eye on the banana with a permanent marker. Make a small, plain circle or detailed eye with a pupil and lashes, depending on your artistic skills. Place the eye close to the mouth, but slightly diagonally upward.

Step 5

Draw a fin on your banana with a permanent marker by making a triangle shape on the same side of the banana as the eyes and mouth. The triangle should be placed at the half-way point of the banana.