How to Change Drill Bits in the Ridgid Brand

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When drilling a hole with a Ridgid brand drill press, it is imperative that the operator use the proper drillbit. It is possible to ruin an entire project by drilling an incorrect-sized hole. In order to drill the hole to the correct diameter, the drill press operator needs to understand how to change a bit in the Ridgid brand drill press. The procedure is relatively easy to master and only takes a matter of seconds.


Step 1

Unplug the Ridgid brand drill press.

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Step 2

Remove the chuck key from the chuck key holder located on the right side of the drill press just above the chuck.

Step 3

Insert the chuck key into the chuck of the drill press, ensuring that the teeth on the chuck key mesh with the teeth on the drill press chuck. Turn the chuck key counterclockwise to loosen the chuck and release the bit.


Step 4

Remove the bit and replace it with the desired drill bit. Ensure that the shank of the new drill bit is in the drill chuck straight and as far as it can go. Rotate the chuck key clockwise until the chuck closes around the new drill bit. Return the chuck key to the chuck key holder and plug the drill press into a power source, completing the changing of drill bit in the Ridgid brand drill press.


Always read and follow the directions that come with power tools.


Drill bits are sharp objects. Wear gloves to protect hands while handling drill bits.



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