How to Winterize a Palm Tree

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Things You'll Need

  • All-purpose fertilizer

  • Mulch

  • Pruning shears

  • Fungicidal copper spray

  • Burlap fabric

  • Weatherproof tape

  • Christmas lights

  • Cardboard box

Winterized palm trees can withstand cold temperatures.

Palm trees have various levels of cold hardiness based on the species. If your palm tree is not hardy enough to survive your area's winters unprotected, it will need winterizing to protect it against damage. Cold temperatures will slow the circulation of water through the tissues and can damage the fronds or roots. Winterizing the palm tree involves protecting the roots and trunk from frost and freezing temperatures.


Step 1

Apply an all-purpose fertilizer to the soil around the tree in the early fall, according to package directions. The fertilizer will strengthen the tree and help it survive the winter cold.

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Step 2

Lay down a 6-inch layer of mulch, such as pine straw or shredded tree bark, around the base of the tree. This will keep the soil temperature above freezing and protect the roots.


Step 3

Remove dead or damaged fronds from the palm tree in the early fall. Use sharp gardening shears to cut the fronds back to the trunk.

Step 4

Apply a fungicidal copper spray to the fronds, according to package directions. The spray will keep the moisture from winter snow and rains from damaging the fronds.


Step 5

Wrap the trunk of the palm tree in two layers of burlap fabric from the ground to the fronds. Secure the fabric with weatherproof tape. Alternatively, the burlap can be wrapped in holiday lights to add another element of warmth.

Step 6

Cover the tree with a cardboard box, if the palm is small enough. Cover the tree only when the threat of frost approaches. Do not keep the tree covered for more than five days.


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