How to Draw a Hurricane

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A hurricane is a rotating tropical storm

A hurricane is a rotating tropical storm with winds of at least 74 miles an hour. These storms are often compared to tornadoes because of the way that they rotate; however, tornadoes are much smaller in size than hurricanes. The best way to view a hurricane is from above because of its massive size. To avoid detailed drawings of circular clouds, meteorologists use symbols to identify storms like hurricanes. Drawing a hurricane symbol is a relatively easy process.


Step 1

Draw a circle. If you would like the hurricane symbol to be more detailed, inside the circle draw a spiral starting from the middle point. To do this put your pencil or pen in the middle of the circle and draw a continuous circle around that point until you reach the border of the outside circle. To make the symbol accurate to match meteorology symbols, the inside of the circle should be colored in.

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Step 2

Draw the arms of the hurricane symbol. To do this, start at the outside top left of the circle and draw a curved line extending to the right of the circle. Then, starting at the bottom right of the circle, draw a curved line extending to the left of the circle to complete the two arms in the symbol.

Step 3

Connect the two arms back to the original circle to make them triangular. Color them in if you are doing a meteorology symbol.

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