How to Anchor an Outdoor Patio Blind to the Ground

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Eye bolts

  • Hand drill

  • Masonry anchor

  • Screwdriver

  • Hooks

Installing a blind on your patio is a great way to increase protection from the sun and to provide additional privacy. However, when you have the blind down, it is possible for the wind to catch the blind and blow it around. A swinging blind can become a hazard for anyone on the patio, and a strong wind could rip the blind off its head rail. Anchoring the blind to the ground is the best way to prevent it from flying around in the wind. In many cases, you anchor into concrete or wood, depending on the material your patio is made from.


Step 1

Lower the blind until the bottom rail rests approximately 1/2 inch off the ground. Measure in from each end of the bottom rail approximately 2 inches. Place a mark on the ground just below the bottom rail and on the bottom rail. These four marks are locators for your mounting locations.

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Step 2

Drill a hole into each mark on the ground. If you are drilling into concrete, drill a hole large enough to fit your masonry anchors. Use a masonry bit when drilling to ensure you obtain a clean hole. If drilling into wood, drill a hole half the diameter of the eye bolts you plan to use as anchors.


Step 3

Push the masonry anchors into the holes. If necessary, use a hammer to gently tap them in. Be cautious not to crack the concrete. The anchor must fit snug, but not to the point where you cannot drive it into the concrete. If you are installing into wood, forgo this step.

Step 4

Place the threaded shaft of the eye bolt into the hole. Hold the eye bolt vertical and turn it clockwise with your fingers as many times as you can. Slide the shaft of a screwdriver through the hole in the eye bolt and turn it the rest of the way. Stop when the hole in the eye bolt rests perpendicular to the bottom rail. Repeat the process with the second eye bolt.


Step 5

Drill pilot holes into the bottom rail with a drill bit half the diameter of the threaded shaft on the hooks.

Step 6

Place the threaded shaft of the hook into the hole. Hold the hook straight and then turn it clockwise with your fingers. Most bottom rails are plastic or wood, so you should not require any tools for installation.


Step 7

Lower or raise the blind as necessary and place the hooks into the eye bolts. When you want to raise the blind, remove the hooks from the eye bolts.