How Do I Fix Kitchen Drawers That Roll out Spontaneously?

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Things You'll Need

  • Pliers

  • Screwdriver

  • Spirit level

Drawer slides may become bent or worn out over time.

Drawers in your home have slides attached to the sides or bottom. The slides run along a set of rollers installed on the inside of the cabinet. After several years of use the slides might bend due to pressure applied to the top of the drawer. Uneven slides may cause the drawer to slide open on its own. Most hardware stores will have replacement parts for the repair.


Step 1

Pull out the drawer to the end of the track. Gently lift up on the drawer to remove it from the cabinet.

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Step 2

Inspect the guides for bends, and check to see if they are level. Gently bend the guides back into place with a pair of pliers or adjust if out of level. Replace the drawer and test. Remove the drawer again for further repair if the drawer still slides on its own.


Step 3

Remove the screws from the guides and pull them from the drawer. Take the guides to your local hardware store for a replacement set of the same size.

Step 4

Screw the new guides into the cabinet. Hold a spirit level on the guides to ensure they are level.


Install a magnet on the cabinet to hold the drawer closed. Cabinet magnets are available from most hardware stores.


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