How to Bleed Air From a Buderus Boiler

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Things You'll Need

  • Radiator bleeder key

  • Cup

Buderus boilers use oil or natural gas to heat water. As the water cycles though the radiators in the house, the radiators heat up and produce the heat that keeps your rooms warm. If you hear a lot of noise when your boiler runs, you have air trapped in your water lines. Before and after each heating season, it is a good idea to bleed your Buderus boiler furnace to prevent noise and to endure consistent heating throughout all of your radiators. You do not complete bleeding at the boiler, you complete it at the radiators.


Step 1

Make a diagram of all of the radiators in your home and mark which one rests closest to the Buderus boiler and then proceed to the one that rests the furthest away from your boiler. Start with the one closest and work your way away.

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Step 2

Locate the bleeder valve on the upper side of the radiator. Place the bleeder valve key over the valve


Step 3

Hold a cup under the bleeder valve to catch water and then rotate the key counterclockwise. At first, you will hear air come out of the valve. Within a few seconds, the valve will spit water and air and eventually, a solid flow of water will come out. When solid water comes out, close the valve.


Step 4

Move to the second and each subsequent radiator and repeat the process. If you get a point where you open the valve and you get no air or water, close the valve and wait 30 minutes while the boiler builds up water pressure and then continue with the bleeding process.


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