How to Weld Metal to Metal With a Blow Torch

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Things You'll Need

  • Welding rod

  • Welding gloves

  • Welding goggles

  • Welding helmet

A blowtorch uses combustible gas to weld two metals together.

A blowtorch uses a gas-fed flame for heating the work piece to create a weld. The fuel used in a blowtorch can be either straight gas or a mixture of fuel gas and oxygen. The fuel gases used include acetylene, propane and hydrogen. A blowtorch controls the ratio of fuel gas and oxygen in order to control the flame and its temperature. Welding can be difficult and potentially dangerous, which is why many potential welders enroll in a course to gain certification and training before starting welding projects on their own.


Step 1

Open the valves on the gas cylinder and ignite the gas. Adjust the mixture of fuel gas and oxygen to create a hot blue flame.

Step 2

Place the two pieces of metal together where they are to be welded to one another.

Step 3

Move the flame in a circular motion and create a small pool of metal at the welding zone.

Step 4

Move the torch to push the pool of metal forward along the weld.


Step 5

Use a welding rod to add additional material to the weld if additional metal is needed to fill the gap.

Step 6

Continue moving the torch along the weld line and add material to create an even weld bead until the end of the weld is reached.


Wear gloves and overalls made from flame-resistant material. Wear a welding helmet to protect the face and neck from burns. Protect the eyes from the intense light produced by the blowtorch by wearing goggles. Do your welding in a well-ventilated room to prevent the buildup of harmful gases like carbon monoxide. Mount the gas cylinder into wall brackets or portable carts specifically designed for welding equipment