Instructions for the John Deere Series 100 Lawn Tractor

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Things You'll Need

  • Shop rags

  • Tire gauge

  • Gasoline

  • Motor oil

The John Deere 100 series lawn tractors are designed for use on small- to medium-size properties. The tractors normally sell at big box home centers, and are some of John Deere's most popular models due to their availability and the perception of John Deere quality and dependability. The primary job of a John Deere 100 series lawn tractor is mowing the lawn, but before attempting to mow, it is important to know how to operate the tractor.


Step 1

Lift the hood on the John Deere 100 series tractor. Wipe off any dirt around the dipstick with a shop rag. Remove the dipstick and wipe off the oil on the dipstick with a clean part of the shop rag. Reinsert the dipstick into the dipstick tube and pull it out again. The engine oil level should be between the add and fill marks on the dipstick. Add the recommended motor oil to the engine, if necessary, through the dipstick tube. Reinsert the dipstick and close the tractor hood.

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Step 2

Check the tire pressure by holding a tire gauge on the tire valve. Ensure that the tires are properly inflated, and not overinflated.

Step 3

Tilt the tractor seat forward. Remove the gas cap. Fill the gas tank with regular unleaded gasoline. Replace the gas cap.


Step 4

Adjust the mowing height lever, to the left of the tractor seat, to the desired cutting height.

Step 5

Sit on the tractor seat. Depress the brake/clutch pedal, located by the operator's left foot, all the way to the floor. Move the transmission shift lever, found at the right side of the tractor seat, to neutral.


Step 6

Slip the ignition key into the ignition switch, located to the right and slightly below the steering column. Push the throttle, located to the left of the steering column, all the way forward to the choke position. Turn the ignition key to the start position. Release the key once the engine catches. Move the throttle to half speed and allow the engine to warm up for a few minutes.


Step 7

Push the mechanical attachment engagement lever, located to the right of the steering wheel, forward to engage the blades.

Step 8

Slowly release the brake/clutch pedal until the mower begins to move.


Step 9

Mow the lawn using a mowing pattern that will complete the job in the shortest amount of time, ensuring that grass discharges away from walkways and flowerbeds whenever possible.

Step 10

Pull back on the mechanical attachment engagement lever to disengage the mower blade.


Step 11

Park the mower where it is normally stored. Put the transmission shift lever into neutral. Set the parking brake by depressing the brake/clutch pedal all the way and pulling the parking brake lever, located above the operators left foot, up to engage the parking brake. Turn the ignition key to the off position and remove the key.


See the John Deere 100 series owner’s manual for instructions on a specific model. Not all models have the same features and controls.


Keep hands and feet from under the lawnmower. Do not operate the mower around pets or small children. Do not run the mower over loose gravel with the blade engaged. Physical injury or property damage could result.


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