How to Load the Model T55 Stapler

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The Arrow Fastener T55 is a general purpose staple gun that features a loading capacity of up to 85-count staple strips, a steel exterior and a specially designed handle stop. The T55 offers compatibility with 1/4-, 1/2-, 5/16-, 9/16- and 3/8-inch .05 gauge staples. Using a general purpose staple gun for tacking certain materials together may speed up the time it takes to complete your do-it-yourself project. Loading the Arrow Fastener T55 stapler with compatible staple strips is an easy task that only takes a minute to complete.


Step 1

Examine the lower rear portion of the staple gun directly below the handle lock and locate the small square-shaped button.

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Step 2

Press down on the square-shaped button to disengage the staple magazine.


Step 3

Pull out the staple magazine and remove any damaged staples that were not ejected properly during the last use. Check the ejection port on the bottom front of the stapler for debris or staples.

Step 4

Remove the new staple strip from the packaging. Hold the staple gun with the bottom track facing up. Slide the staple strip into the track with the flat side of the staple strip against the track and the pointed side visible from the bottom of the staple gun.

Step 5

Slide the magazine back into the staple gun. Make sure the magazine button locks into place before using the staple gun.

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