How to Blend Tattoos Together

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Blending a tattoo is possible for any design with a bit of brainstorming and planning.

Whether your tastes have changed or you are looking to create additional artwork on a current tattoo, blending tattoos is possible in either case. Blending tattoos varies with each person as well as the tattoo artist you are working with — everyone has different styles and ways of working with ink. Researching and planning for your tattoo blend before visiting a tattoo shop or artist is important to ensure the outcome you desire.


Step 1

Review the reasons for getting another tattoo to blend with your current artwork. Some reasons for blending tattoos may be to cover old tattoos or to add to an existing design, expanding the art on your body.

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Step 2

Determine your budget before getting a tattoo to help guide with the size and overall complexity of the art you are looking to have done.

Step 3

Sketch how you envision your new tattoo will look with tattoos you currently have. Color in your current tattoos in your sketch to get a better idea on the overall style and specific colors you would like.

Step 4

Tell your tattoo artist to create thick outlines on your new artwork when placing over existing tattoos so all the tattoos are visible. The thick outlines will show each tattoo distinctively while allowing you to blend the tattoos without having the colors contrast one another.


Step 5

Choose colors that are complementary or shades of your previous tattoos if you choose to blend the artwork rather than outline new designs or separate them. If you already have a blue tattoo, choose turquoise or other shades of blue to start your new tattoo to help blend the two together.


Step 6

Ask your tattoo artist to top off your newly blended tattoos with a design where the blending begins to cover any lines you do not want showing. Flowers, stars and words are all possible designs to help with blending various tattoo designs regardless of their placement on your body.

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