How to Draw a Step by Step Nonagon

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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler

  • Protractor

Protractors are useful tools for measuring the angles of your nonagon.

Nonagons are geometric shapes with nine sides. Like any polygons, nonagons can be regular or irregular. Regular nonagons have nine sides of equal length and nine angles of equal degree measurement. All angles of a regular nonagon are equal to 140 degrees. This fact can be exploited when drawing regular nonagons. Irregular nonagons have sides and angles that do not all match each other, which means there is no set formula for drawing them.


Step 1

Choose a side length, for example two inches, for your nonagon.

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Step 2

Use a ruler to mark two points that are a side-length apart.

Step 3

Connect the two points using the edge of the ruler as a straight edge.


Step 4

Starting at one point, use a protractor to measure out 140 degrees clockwise. Draw a light line in pencil that corresponds with the 140 degree measurement.

Step 5

Line up the ruler with the light pencil line and mark a dot that is exactly one side length from the dot at the other end of the line. Connect the two dots with a line and erase any excess light pencil line.

Step 6

Repeat steps 4 and 5 seven times. When you draw the final point, it should be located on the first point that you drew.



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