Directions for a Workmate 425

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Things You'll Need

  • Hammer

  • Socket wrench

The Workmate 425 is a Black and Decker portable project center and vise. This sturdy and functional workbench is steel-constructed and can hold up to 550 pounds. This Black and Decker workbench features adjustable claws and swivel pegs, dual height adjustment and a one-handed clamp system for independent clamp adjustments. The Workmate 425 is designed for normal and heavy-duty projects and comes partly assembled.


Step 1

Open the Workmate 425 box and empty the contents onto the floor. Make sure you have all the essential pieces and parts.

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Step 2

Insert the raised post on a top block into the small holes on the underside of the rear jaw. Insert a bolt through the top of the rear jaw and into the top block. Use the supplied wrench to tighten the bolt. Repeat this for the other side of the rear jaw.


Step 3

Repeat Step 2 to assemble the middle jaw with the two remaining top blocks.

Step 4

Remove the protective white clip from each of the vise screws and discard.

Step 5

Line up the hole in the vise crank with the hole in the vise screw, which is protruding from the front of the vise jaw bracket. Push the vise crank onto the end of the vise screw. Use a hammer and strike one of the included pins into the aligned holes. Repeat this step to assemble the other vise crank.


Step 6

Press the two snap-in knobs into the indicated holes on the vise cranks.

Step 7

Assemble the front jaw with the two front top blocks as instructed in Step 2. Place the assembled jaw onto the folded frame, aligning the holes with the pivot nut holes. Insert a bolt into the holes of the front jaw and use a socket wrench to tighten the bolts into the pivot nuts.


Step 8

Pull the front of the Workmate up and let it rest against your knee. Pull up the left and right release levers to unlock the workbench. Hold the footrest with one hand and use the other to push the top of the workbench up and away from you. This will lock the frame into place.

Step 9

Close the Workmate when you are not using it by pulling the two release levers upward to unlock the unit. Pull the workbench back and down while holding the levers up.



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