How to Clean a Horsehair Dart Board

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Things You'll Need

  • Steel brush

  • Toothpicks

  • Screwdriver

  • Rags

  • Wood polishing oil

Even a heavily-used dartboard can look new again

A few die-hard darts enthusiasts enjoy using old-fashioned horsehair boards rather than more modern varieties. Often, these horsehair boards are dragged out of basements and attics after years of neglect and seem beyond repair. Holes, faded bristles and mildew are problems that you can remedy in a few simple steps. With some care and attention, your grandfather's dartboard can look almost as good as new.


Step 1

Check the dartboard for air holes. A large pocket of air might suggest that the bristle surface has become detached from the frame. If this is the case, throw the dartboard out, because it is ruined.

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Step 2

Remove the wire casing that covers the dartboard and lies over the numbers and the scoring sections. You might find that the casing can be lifted out of the holes, but if you are having difficulty, use a screwdriver to remove it and put aside.


Step 3

Basic household materials can be used to clean your dartboard.

Clean the surface of the dartboard with a wire brush to remove stubborn dirt and residue. Use gentle motions to avoid damaging the dartboard. If there is mildew, take the dartboard outside and let it sit in the sun. Ensure it does not come in contact with water.


Step 4

Moisten rags with wood polish and apply it to the horsehair dartboard using circular motions. If you see holes and fading, one reason might be that the bristles have dried out. The wood polish restores and re-hydrates the bristles.

Step 5

Let the dartboard sit for a day. Check the dartboard by inserting a toothpick into the middle of it. If it comes out dry, apply another coat of wood polish. Repeat the process until the toothpick comes out moist at the tip. Then the dartboard is ready to use.

Step 6

Place the metal casing back onto the dartboard and mount the board on the wall. Let the games begin.


Polish your dartboard regularly to ensure it stays in good condition.


Prevent water from coming in contact with your dartboard. Do not clean your dartboard using water, because water dries out the bristles and can create mildew.


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