How to Prevent Snakes From Climbing Trees

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Things You'll Need

  • Rake

  • Mower

  • Galvanized hardware cloth

  • Snake repellent

Many snakes climb up trees.

While it rarely happens, many people are afraid of snakes falling out of trees and landing on their heads. Or, if you have a bird's nest in the tree, you may want to protect the eggs or baby birds from snakes. Whatever your reason, a few tried-and-true solutions should prevent snakes from climbing up the trees in your landscape.


Step 1

Keep the area underneath trees free of plants, leaves, debris and anything else that helps hide snakes. Snakes are less likely to go to a tree where they are more exposed to their predators.

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Step 2

Maintain a clean landscape. Mow your grass and rake leaves frequently. Stack any wood far away from the tree. Keep your bushes trimmed and free of debris underneath.

Step 3

Install a fence around your trees. It must be made from heavy galvanized hardware cloth, according to Pennsylvania State University, that is at least 36 inches wide and has 1/4-inch openings. Install it into the ground, 6 inches deep and at a 30-degree angle facing outward, away from the tree. Keep plants short to prevent snakes from crawling up the foliage.

Step 4

Sprinkle a granular snake repellent, such as Snake-Away, around your trees. Follow the label's application and safety procedures.


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