How to Find the Model of My Toto Toilet

Toto manufactures many plumbing products, including many innovative lines of toilets. If you want to replace your current Toto toilet with a similar but newer style or you need to find a replacement part for your toilet, you need to know its specific model; not all the parts used on one Toto toilet are interchangeable with other Toto toilets. The model of the toilet is printed on the fixture itself--refer to this data before ordering replacement parts.

Step 1

Lift the lid off the Toto's water tank. Turn the lid over.

Step 2

Look on the underside of the lid for a black ink stamp. You will see "ST" or "CST," followed by three numbers. This is the model of your toilet. Proceed to Step 3 if you don't find the stamp on the lid.

Step 3

Look inside the toilet tank. The model identification stamp is placed on one of the inside walls if it is not on the underside of the lid.

Step 4

Contact Toto ( if you do not see a stamp. This may have happened due to human error during manufacturing.