How to Carve a Flat Iron Steak

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Things You'll Need

  • Cutting board

  • Sharp knife

Carve a flat iron steak the right way for the best flavor and texture.

Flat iron steak, also known as a flat blade, top chuck steak or a butler steak, is a cut of beef taken from above the shoulder bone of a cow. Commonly a thin cut, a flat iron tastes the best when grilled, pan seared or broiled rare to medium. A well done flat iron will have a tough texture and may be difficult to cut. Learn how to carve a flat iron steak to maximize the tender texture of this cut.


Step 1

Lay the cooked steak on a cutting board and let the meat rest for five minutes. This will allow the flat iron to retain its juices and stay tender.

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Step 2

Trim off the ends. Use a sharp knife with a flat blade to make two thin cuts along the short ends of the steak. Discard the ends.

Step 3

Cut the steak in 1/2-inch pieces across the grain of the steak. Cutting across the grain will make the steak more tender and easier to eat.


Wear a cutting glove to avoid hand injuries.


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