How to Stop Heating Ducts From Popping

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Rubber padding

Duct popping can be annoying.

Popping noises from the heating and air-conditioning ducts can be very annoying and disturb you when watching television or sleeping. Popping noses from the ducts may be relatively easy to solve with a little effort on the part of the homeowner, or they may be more complex in nature and require servicing such as cleaning or insulating the ducts by a qualified heating and air-conditioning repairman.


Step 1

Check the heating and air-conditioning vents in each room. Use the screwdriver to tighten loose vents.

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Step 2

Place a thin rubber padding in the space between the ceiling or floor and the vent covers. This reduces popping noise and increases the efficiency of the heating and air-conditioning system by preventing air leaks .

Step 3

Call for service from an HVAC technician if these steps failed to solve the problem. Your ducts may need to be replaced or insulated in order to stop the popping noise.


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