How to Kill Roaches With 0.05% Bifenthrin

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Things You'll Need

  • .05 percent Bifenthrin powder

  • Hand duster

  • .05 percent Bifenthrin aerosol spray

  • Tissue paper

If you see a cockroach, kill it on the spot with .05-percent bifenthrin aerosol spray.

There are rumors that roaches can survive a nuclear blast. Fortunately for us, they cannot survive a .05 percent dose of bifenthrin. Bifenthrin is a strong insecticide that should be used with caution. While bifenthrin comes in a variety of concentrations, .05 percent bifenthrin can be found in solutions such as Ortho Home Defense. The .05 percent concentration is enough bifenthrin to exterminate cockroaches. Aerosol sprays are also available that kill roaches on contact.


Step 1

Pour two cups of bifenthrin powder into a hand duster. Shake the hand duster. The powder mixes with the air.

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Step 2

Squeeze a thin layer of bifenthrin powder around the foundation of your home. This protects outdoor roaches from entering the home.


Step 3

Find areas inhabited by roaches. Roaches leave ink-like feces near areas where they live. Sprinkle a thin layer of bifenthrin powder using a hand duster in these areas.

Step 4

Spray the roaches for two seconds with the aerosol spray. Do not inhale the spray. Open windows and doors after spraying the roach. The cockroach dies on contact with the spray.


Step 5

Pick the roach up with tissue paper. Do not squeeze the roach. Female roaches can contain eggs. If you squeeze the dead cockroach, the eggs can escape.

Step 6

Dispose of the roach in the toilet or directly outside. This prevents the spread of eggs or disease from the roaches.


If you have small children or pets, put bifenthrin in areas where they will not come in contact with it. Use gloves, mask and goggles when handling bifenthrin.


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