How to Make Your Pool into a Saltwater Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Salt generator

  • PVC glue and primer

  • Pool salt

  • Bucket

  • Brush

  • Salt test strips

Keep your pool automatically sanitized with a salt system.

Large numbers of contaminants constantly enter swimming pools through swimmers, debris blown in by the wind, and rainwater. Sanitizing chemicals prevent water problems caused by contaminant build-up. A saltwater swimming pool uses a salt generator to automatically create the sanitizers. Converting an existing pool to a saltwater system involves little more than installing the appropriate components and chemicals.


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Step 1

Attach a salt water generator to the pool's already existing plumbing. If the generator does not easily fit into the existing plumbing, cut out a section of the plumbing that matches the size of the generator and fit the generator to the plumbing ends with PVC glue and primer.

Step 2

Pour 25 lbs. of special grade pool salt into the pool water. Use 25 lbs. for every 4,000 gallons of water. If applying more than 25 lbs. of salt to the pool, pour the salt in a bucket of water prior to pouring it into the pool to predissolve the salt for easier mixing with the pool water.


Step 3

Run the pool filter to circulate the pool water for at least one day to allow the salt to incorporate fully with the water. Brush any salt sitting on the bottom of the pool to mix it with the water properly.

Step 4

Test the pool's water using a salt test strip. Add more salt to the pool until a salt level of at least 4000 parts per million (ppm) is reached.


Clean the salt generator salt cell once a month to keep the generator operating correctly.