How to Dispose of the Old Coal in Your Basement

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Things You'll Need

  • Coal shovel

  • Metal bucket

  • Hose water

  • Heavy-duty trash bag

Removing coal from a furnace located in a basement might sound easy, especially if you have not used the durance in a while. However, fires are common when you remove coal because the proper precautions are not taken in case the coal still has hot embers. Taking the necessary precautions ensures you do not accidentally catch anything on fire.


Step 1

Shovel the coal into a metal bucket with a coal shovel until the bucket approximately is three-quarters full. Do not use a plastic bucket or plastic bag as they can melt or catch fire.

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Step 2

Fill the bucket with hose water to wet the coal. The water helps ensure the coal cools down.

Step 3

Place the bucket on a solid surface outside of the home, such as asphalt or concrete. Do not place the bucket on a wooden surface or a surface covered by a roof.

Step 4

Mix the contents of the bucket with the shovel after a few hours to ensure even distribution of the water.


Step 5

Place the coal in a heavy-duty garbage bag after you let the coal sit in water for 24 hours; tie the bag shut.

Step 6

Take the bag of coal to your local landfill or to a coal transfer station if you have one in your area. Coal transfer stations usually are located outside of coal mines; it's the location where miners load coal onto trucks for transport to other facilities. Coal dust often can be recycled into other coal products.


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