How to Find Out Whose Name Is on the Deed to a House

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If you need to know who is on a deed, it will require some legwork on your part.

Most counties have a recorder of deeds. This person's job is to keep records of all the deeds in a given county. However, most of these records require you to know the person's name on the deed. If you need to know the deed holder's name, you can still locate the information, but you will need to gather additional information so that you have a starting point.


Step 1

Gather the address associated with the deed, or the lot number for the property, and take it to the Board of Assessment. This tax department assesses taxes and places levies on properties.

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Step 2

Provide the address to the clerk in charge of the department. She has records based off addresses and lot numbers. You can obtain the name of the deed holder through these records.


Step 3

Take the name of the deed holder to the recorder of deeds located in the county courthouse, and provide it to the clerk. If he cannot provide you with the information, he will allow you access to the archives so that you can search for the deed.


Be aware that in some areas of the country, deeds are located in city courthouses or municipal buildings. If the deeds are not housed in your county courthouse, contact the city courthouse in the city where the address is located.

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