How to Catch a Rat Fast

Catching rodents is a common process, but one that takes patience and time. However, by following applying certain tips and techniques while setting your traps, there are ways to hasten the process. If a rat has made its way into your home, you will want to catch and remove it as soon as possible. While mice are relatively easy to catch, a rat is a more formidable foe. Rats survive by eluding danger on a constant basis. In order to trap one, you will have to outwit it.

Rats are very cautious of new enviroments.

Things You'll Need

  • Peanut butter

  • Rat trap

Step 1

Look for an area that has lots of rat droppings. Rats tend to reside in areas with lots of clutter where they can easily hide. Since rats are suspicious animals that will approach new food with an air of caution, it is important you do not set the first trap you place. Instead, pre-bait a snapping rat trap by placing a dab for peanut butter on a unset trap in the area with droppings.

Step 2

Check the trap after one day to see if the peanut butter has been eaten. If it has not been eaten, replace it with fresh peanut butter since rats will only eat fresh food. Leave the trap for another day. Once the rat eats the peanut butter, repeat the process by pre-baiting the trap with more fresh peanut butter without setting it to go off. .

Step 3

Wait until the rat has eaten the peanut butter from an unset trap at least four or five times. Once you have gained the rat's trust, it is time to set the trap to catch the rat once he takes the food. Place the set trap in the exact same place with the exact same amount of peanut butter and wait a day. When you check back, the trap should have caught the rat.


If you do not wait to gain the rat's trust, a prolonged bout of hide and seek will occur. Overall, a few pre-baits will be more successful in the long run than trying to catch and trick a rat too quickly.