How to Dry Rabbit Feet

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper cup

  • Salt

  • Water

  • Borax

  • Towel

  • Rubbing alcohol

A rabbit foot is commonly seen as a good luck charm in many societies.

A rabbit's foot is commonly recognized as a good luck charm and has been used for this purpose for thousands of years. Once you have your rabbit's foot, you'll quickly realize that it's a piece of flesh and has to be dried out before being used as a good luck charm. Before you dry it, however, you should thoroughly clean it with soap and water and make sure to wipe off any debris.


Step 1

Fill a jar with rubbing alcohol and submerge the rabbit's foot in it. Let this sit for 48 hours.

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Step 2

Remove the foot from the alcohol and squeeze out any excess alcohol.

Step 3

Rinse the rabbit's foot with warm water and then squeeze out any excess water left over.


Step 4

Mix one cup of Borax with a gallon of water in a bowl or pot.

Step 5

Drop your rabbit's foot into the mixture and fully submerge it. Let the foot soak for an hour or two before removing it. This will help preserve your rabbit's foot while drying it.


Step 6

Take your rabbit's foot out of the mixture and lay it on a towel. Squeeze out any excess moisture and let it dry over night.

Step 7

Fill up a paper cup with salt. Do not use a plastic cup. Paper cups absorb moisture and will help your rabbit's foot dry faster. Plastic cups trap moisture.


Step 8

Bury your rabbit's foot in the cup of salt. Make sure the entire foot is covered by salt. Salt sucks up moisture and will completely dry out your rabbit's foot.

Step 9

Place the cup on a window sill and let it sit for about a month. Depending on the size of your rabbit's foot, it could take up to two months to fully dry.

Step 10

Rotate your rabbit's foot in the cup once a week to ensure that it dries equally.


Make sure to check your cup of salt once a week to make sure it hasn't got muddy or moist. If it has, just replace the salt and bury the foot again.



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