How to Clean a Tile Floor With Windex

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Things You'll Need

  • Windex Multi-Surface

  • Paper towels

Windex can be used on more than glass surfaces.

There are many ways to clean your tile floor: a mop and bucket of soapy water, a premoistened cleaning pad attached to a handle, and cleaning fluid, such as Windex, used with paper towels. Each is effective at removing dirt and food remnants from your floor, but only Windex makes your tile extra shiny as it cleans.


Step 1

Twist the nozzle on the Windex bottle clockwise until the plastic tab on the nozzle with "On" written on it is pointed upward.

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Step 2

Point the sprayer at the floor and press the handle on the nozzle repeatedly until the entire surface of the tile is coated in a thin layer of Windex. Work from an inner corner of the room outward, moving from right to left. This ensures that you don't skip an area of the floor.

Step 3

Wait three to five minutes for the Windex to soak into any mud or dirt stuck to the floor. Soaking loosens these particles.

Step 4

Pull two to three paper towels off the roll and ball them up in your hand. Starting with the corner you sprayed first, wipe the Windex from the floor. When the paper towels become dirty, throw them out and pull several more off the roll. Repeat until all of the Windex is off the floor. If dirt particles remain, spray additional Windex on them and repeat Step 3.


Open a window if possible in order to avoid breathing in Windex fumes.


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