How to Get Past Corners With Drain Augers

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Your sink can run clear after using a drain auger.

When you have a clogged drain in your home, it can be frustrating. However, even a severely clogged drain can sometimes be repaired by using a drain auger. A drain auger can be cranked inside the drain and through the pipes. You push it past the clog and then remove the drain auger. The clog should come out as well. When you have to get past corners within the pipes, using the drain augers can be a little tricky.


Step 1

Place the cable of the drain auger at the beginning of the drain opening.

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Step 2

Turn the handle for the drain auger clockwise to start the cable through the drain.

Step 3

Pull the cable back a little when you reach a corner by turning the handle counterclockwise.


Step 4

Reposition the cable so that it's slightly facing the direction of the corner. For example, if the drain turns right, move the cable toward the left so it's facing right.

Step 5

Continue to turn the handle of the drain auger clockwise to get it around the corner. You might have to turn a little harder this time.


Be patient and work slowly. The cable of the drain auger is designed to get around corners, and with a little gentle persistence, you should make it through.



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