How to Clean Mold From a Vaporizer Container

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Things You'll Need

  • Rubber gloves

  • 3-percent hydrogen peroxide

  • Bowl

  • Scrub brush

  • Cleaning cloths

  • Bleach

Vaporizers are often used to relieve symptoms from illness.

The water container in a vaporizer is continuously exposed to moisture and warmth as it emits moisture into the air. After the vaporizer is turned off, any water left inside also contributes to conditions perfect for mold development. Left unattended, one mold spore can quickly grow into a colony that leaves your vaporizer in an unhealthy, stained condition with a musty mold smell. Effectively cleaning mold from the water container is essential to restoring the vaporizer to proper working condition and to preventing the mold spores from posing a health hazard.


Step 1

Protect your skin from mold spores.

Place rubber gloves on your hands to protect them from direct contact with mold spores.

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Step 2

Empty the vaporizer of any water still inside the water container. Set the container in a sunny location for a few hours to allow it to dry out completely. Doing so also kills the mold spores before you remove them.

Step 3

Fill a small bowl with 3-percent hydrogen peroxide. Soak a scrub brush in the peroxide and scrub the inside and outside of the water container. Rinse the scrub brush frequently to remove mold spores and stains before continuing to scrub the surface.


Step 4

Bleach effectively kills mold and removes stains.

Rinse the water container thoroughly to wash away mold spores and stains. Treat any remaining mold stains with a cloth dampened with bleach. Wipe the bleach over the mold to remove the stain then allow the container to air-dry.


Empty and rinse the water container between uses and allow to dry.

Clean the water container every few days to prevent mold as well as other stains.

Neither hydrogen peroxide or bleach require rinsing as both will dissipate once dry.


Detergent or disinfectant kills mold and removes stains but most be rinsed thoroughly to avoid soapy residue inside the vaporizer.


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