How to Identify Gold Deposits in a River

Things You'll Need

  • A Map

  • Vacuum Gold Dredger

Gold Deposit can be Plentiful in Rivers

Finding gold deposits can be a very profitable hobby, as anyone who finds a good source is able to sell the gold for a lucrative price. One way of finding gold involves searching for gold deposits in the river. The gold is often settled in the rivers during times of heavy rain. Once in the river, it sweeps down into the banks until finally, it is coated by a light residue.

Step 1

Find an area where you believe there is a plentiful supply of gold deposit. The most common place for gold deposit is in the shallow parts of the river.

Step 2

Use the vacuum to scour the area in numerous places near the river, and write on the map where you found the gold.

Step 3

Look at the notes on your map for a pattern. This may tell you if a particular region of the river has a bountiful amount of gold deposits.

Step 4

Search extensively in the region of the river that has a bountiful amount of gold deposits.