How to Dispose of Tile Grout

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Things You'll Need

  • Bucket

  • Water

  • Garbage bags

Dispose of grout periodically during your project.

Whether you are applying or removing it, grout is messy stuff. Wet grout sticks to tools and buckets. Dry grout crumbles into chunks and powder that get everywhere. To avoid having to discard grout-caked tools or scratching your tile with abrasive dust, dispose of the grout as soon as possible. On big jobs, take time to dispose of grout waste whenever you take a work break. Then make one final disposal run when the project is completed.


Step 1

Dispose of wet grout on your tools by dipping them repeatedly in a plastic bucket filled with water. Wipe off the grout with your fingers. Rinse wet grout covered rags in the same way. Never use running water in the sink.

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Step 2

Pour grout waste water or wet grout out into the yard. Allow it to air dry on the soil. Scoop up the hardened grout, bag it or throw it away.


Step 3

Place grout chips in a garbage bag, knot it and place it in the trash.

Step 4

Lift grout dust with a broom or hepa-filter vacuum. Empty the filter or dustpan into a garbage bag, knot it and throw it away.


Step 5

Mop residual waste grout up with clean water and a well-wrung sponge mop. Dispose of the waste water in the yard following the method described in step two.



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