How to Replace the Toggle Switch on a Pool Pump

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A pool pump is responsible for aerating and circulating the water through a swimming pool. The pump has a toggle switch that activates the power used by the pump; this switch must be replaced if it becomes defective. You can replace the toggle switch yourself, provided that you shut down the pump and acquire a toggle switch of the same dimensions as the one being replaced.


Things You'll Need

  • Torx Screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • Phillips Jeweler’S Screwdriver

  • Paper Towels

  • Paper Cup

  • Replacement Toggle Switch

Step 1

Trip the power lever on the pool's electrical conduit box to "Off" -- typically the box is located in a shed at one end of the pool, but can sometimes be found next to the pool pump compartment on the pool deck.

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Step 2

Remove the compartment cover from the pool pump assembly. Place the cover on the deck next to the compartment.


Step 3

Loosen the two water valves inside the compartment by twisting them clockwise with pliers. Rotate each of the valves fully clockwise with your hand to turn off the flow of water.

Step 4

Wipe off the toggle switch that is typically on the top of the pool pump assembly next to the pressure gauge -- use paper towels.


Step 5

Loosen the screws on each side of the toggle with with a Phillips jeweler's screwdriver or with a Torx screwdriver. The make of the pool pump assembly dictates the type of screw. Place the screws in a paper cup to keep them from getting lost.

Step 6

Lift the toggle switch out of the depression it is in. Loosen the screw on either side of the toggle switch with the Phillips jeweler's screwdriver. Unwind the wire from each screw. Dispose of the defective toggle switch properly.


Step 7

Wind a wire around each of the two screws on the replacement toggle switch in the same manner as they were on the other switch. Tighten the screws. Place the toggle switch in the position that the other toggle switch was in on the pool pump assembly.

Step 8

Attach the screws to the toggle switch that were kept in the cup. Trip the toggle switch to the "On" position.


Step 9

Rotate the two water valves in the compartment fully counterclockwise to allow the flow of water. Place the cover back on the compartment. Restore the electric power at the pool's electrical conduit box.


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