How to String a DR Trimmer Mower

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Things You'll Need

  • DR string

  • Utility knife

The DR trimmer mower is like a weed trimmer on major steroids. It resembles a push mower except the front has a very large cutter head just like a hand-held weed trimmer. The DR trimmer mower is useful for those who have large yards that require a lot of weekly trimming or for those who cannot hold a hand-held trimmer for extended periods. When the trimmer runs out of cord, you must install new cord into the cutter head.


Step 1

Cut two pieces of string to 23-inch lengths with a utility knife. You can use DR blue 175-mm string for thicker weed or DR green 155-mm string for standard weeds and grass trimming. The type of string does not change the installation process.

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Step 2

Decide which line plate you want to install the strings onto. The line plate closest to the tip of the mow-ball trimmer head will facilitate lower cutting of the weeds. If you select a plate closer to the top of the mower deck, the height of the cut weeds will be higher. Select three adjacent holes on the plate you want to use.


Step 3

Place the tips of one string into two holes with one hole left between them.

Step 4

Position the tips so both tips come out through the center hole.

Step 5

Pull the tips out of the cutter head. This will pull the center of the string against the outside edge of the cutter head. As you pull the string tight, force the middle of it into the line plate above the holes you utilized. This will lock the string in place.

Step 6

Rotate the trimmer head 180 degrees and duplicate the process of installing the second string you cut.


Do not install more than two strings. It does not improve the cutting ability of the trimmer. It will, however, cause the motor to lag because it is not designed to handle additional strings.


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