How to Boil Corn on the Cob With Sugar

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Things You'll Need

  • Large pot with lid

  • 1 or 2 tbsp. sugar

  • Tongs

The fresher the corn, the sweeter it will be.

Like most things, corn on the cob is best fresh. In fact, straight from stalk to pot would be ideal, since the sugar in corn quickly converts to starch. The longer it's stored, the less sweet it will be. However, since most of us don't grow our own corn, we're not consuming it at its peak of freshness. Adding a little sugar to the boiling water will help sweeten it up.


Step 1

Fill a large pot with water and place it on the stove with its cover on. There should be enough water that all the corn will be completely submerged.

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Step 2

Turn the stove to maximum heat and wait for the water to come to a boil. Meanwhile, shuck the corn and rinse it under cold water.

Step 3

Add 1 to 2 tbsp. of granulated white sugar to the boiling water.

Step 4

Drop the cobs into the rapidly boiling sugar water, being careful not to burn yourself. Allow the corn to cook for 4 minutes.


Step 5

Remove an ear of corn with tongs and cut off a few kernels with a sharp knife to check for doneness. It should be slightly crisp. The larger the cob, the longer it will need to cook. Don't overcook the corn. Once done, remove cobs and place them in a serving dish. Serve immediately.


Try to eat the corn within a few days of purchase and buy the freshest corn possible. Don’t husk the corn in advance; strip it just prior to cooking. Store your corn on the cob in a perforated bag in the refrigerator or a similarly cold space. Warm temperatures will speed up the starch conversion process.


Don't add salt to the water, it will toughen the corn.


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