How to Set the Plaster Guard for a Delta Shower Faucet Installation

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Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench

  • Screwdriver

When installing a Delta faucet, use a plastic plaster guard to prevent unwanted debris from entering the shower valve head. This round part is made just for your Delta faucet and is included with the faucet when you purchase it. Place it on the end of the faucet before the installation is complete, when the plaster or drywall is being installed on the shower wall. This simple step saves time because you won't have to clean out the shower valve.


Step 1

Remove the handle on the faucet by taking out the set screw on the base of the handle with an Allen wrench, and pulling the handle off the faucet.

Step 2

Remove the trim piece, the round chrome piece behind the faucet handle, by taking out both screws with a screwdriver and sliding the trim off.

Step 3

Remove the trim sleeve, the cylindrical part fitting over the cartridge, by turning it counterclockwise and sliding it off. Unscrew the retaining nut around the base of the faucet and pull out the Delta faucet cartridge. Pull down the wall around the shower, if you are removing the wall and re-tiling it at this point.


Step 4

Push the plaster guard onto the front of the shower valve body so the opening in the back of the plaster guard fits around the edge of the valve. Press the plaster guard forward until it is secure on the valve.

Step 5

Measure out from the bare studs next to the plaster guard with a tape measure to the width of your new wall, including the tile. Move the plaster guard until the front edge is flush with this measurement all the way around the plaster guard. This allows you to install the wall with the plaster guard perfectly flush to the front side of the new wall.


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