How to Change a Farmall From a 6 Volt to a 12 Volt

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Things You'll Need

  • Socket set

  • Wrench set

  • Grinder

  • Welder

  • 12 volt alternator with regulator

  • 12 volt alternator mount

  • 12 volt light bulbs

  • 12 volt light assemblies

  • 12 volt battery

  • 12 volt battery mount

  • 12 volt fuses

A 12 volt battery doubles the voltage when you convert from 6 volt.

Converting your Farmall from 6-volt to 12-volt upgrades the electrical system to the industry standard. By doing so, you make it easier to find parts for your tractor rather than having to search for antique parts. In addition, older 6-volt systems fail regularly in cold or freezing temperatures, and a 6-volt regulator can not charge the battery at idle or low engine speed. The conversion will also make your lights shine brighter. You will not have to rewire the tractor, simply replace several key components of the electrical system. There is some welding involved in this process.


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Step 1

Pull the negative battery cable off the negative terminal after unbolting the nut fastening the C-clamp to the terminal. Do the same for the positive, but make certain you remove the negative cable first in order to avoid a shock. Unthread the wing nuts holding the battery in the battery mount cage. Remove the 6-volt battery. Grind the battery mount off the frame of the tractor. Weld the 12-volt battery mount in its place. Place the 12-volt battery on the mount and secure the cage around it.


Step 2

Remove the two positive wires from the generator by unscrewing the nuts on the generator's terminals. Unbolt the generator from the generator mount. Grind the generator mount off the tractor's frame and weld the alternator/regulator mount in the same location. Unthread the bolt holding the wire running from the coil to the regulator. Unbolt the regulator from its mount. Grind off the mount off the tractor.


Step 3

Attach the wire running from the coil to the 12-volt alternator's terminal with a nut. Run the positive wire from the battery to the alternator.

Step 4

Unscrew the light casings, remove the 6-volt bulbs by pushing in and twisting them one-quarter turn counter clockwise. Unthread the screws that attach the light assemblies to the light housings and replace the assemblies with with your 12-volt assemblies. Put in the 12-volt lights and replace the light covers. Replace the 6-volt fuses with 12-volt fuses by hand.

Step 5

Connect the negative battery cable to the 12-volt battery's negative terminal.