How to Freeze BBQ Sauce

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If you like to make your own BBQ sauce, chances are you don't use all of it at once. Yet, you don't want to waste your sauce because you can use it for later dishes without having to make it all over again. Luckily, you can freeze BBQ sauce, then thaw it out later to use it again.


Step 1

Allow the BBQ sauce to cool completely.

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Step 2

Pour the BBQ in a sealable freezer container. Do not use a freezer bag.

Step 3

Place the sealed containers in the freezer.


Freeze your BBQ sauce in individual portions. When thawing your BBQ sauce, rather than defrosting it, allow it to thaw naturally by placing it in a bowl of warm water. If your sauce is extremely thick, add a bit of water to it before attempting to freeze it, as this will help it freeze better.


Avoid filling the container to the top because the sauce will expand as it freezes, potentially causing the container to burst.

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