How to Add Natural Insect Repellent to Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • Nitrile gloves

  • Face mask

  • 5 gallons paint

  • 1 pint NBS 30 paint additive

  • Stir stick

  • Paintbrush or roller

A coat of paint can do more than add a new look to a room. With certain paint additives, the new color can also repel insects such as ants, silverfish, mites and fleas. The additive works with either oil-based or water-based paints. Because the insect repellent is derived from plants, it is regarded safe to use around plants and pets. To use the additive, you only need to mix it with paint and stir.


Step 1

Put on nitrile gloves and a face mask.

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Step 2

Remove the lid from a bucket of paint, and open a container of NBS 30 paint additive.

Step 3

Pour the additive directly into the paint.

Step 4

Use a stir stick to stir the paint until the additive is mixed in thoroughly.

Step 5

Apply the paint with a brush or roller. Occasionally stir the paint so the additive and paint stay well mixed.


The NBS 30 additive is meant to be used on a building's exterior.

Apply two coats of the additive-treated paint to repel carpenter bees.

The additive can also be added to 5 gallons of water and applied like paint to an already painted surface.


Keep the additive and paint away from children.

The oils used in the additive can cause skin irritation and should not be breathed.

Always use a face mask and gloves when handling the additive.


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