How to Use Dual-Flush Toilets

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A dual-flush toilet allows you to aggressively reduce your water consumption.

A dual-flush toilet is also referred to as a high-efficiency toilet. This type of toilet allows you to determine how big of a flush you need and how much water is needed to remove waste from the toilet bowl. This type of water conservation is common in areas where water isn't in plentiful supply, such as in Australia. Even in America, however, water costs are rising and it's simply not environmentally acceptable to waste water any more. While dual-flush toilets used to be available only as pricey imports, you can buy converter kits at home improvement centers.


Step 1

Use the toilet as you normally would.

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Step 2

Examine the buttons or lever located at the top or side of the toilet. For example, most buttons or levers have a small icon representing a half flush or full flush. A small flush is usually represented by a half circle or a single drop of water. A full flush usually has a full circle or several drops of water.


Step 3

Select the appropriate button or turn the appropriate lever, based upon the type of waste you've eliminated. For liquid waste, select the half flush button or lever. For solid waste, select the full flush button or lever.

Step 4

Check the bowl to ensure the flush has adequately eliminated the waste. Repeat if necessary.

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