How to Get Gum Off a Sofa

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Things You'll Need

  • Ice cube

  • Butter knife

  • White rags

  • Dry cleaning solvent

  • 1 tbsp. white vinegar

  • 1 tbsp. dish soap

  • Bowl

Clean gum from your sofa carefully so it doesn't spread.

Finding gum stuck to your sofa is a quick way to ruin your day. The sticky, gooey nature of gum makes it seem impossible to remove without damaging the fabric or spreading the gum. Fortunately, gum removal from a sofa doesn't have to be a tiresome task. With the right products and removal methods, you'll have the gum off your upholstery in no time.


Step 1

Rub an ice cube over the gum until it hardens if the gum is still soft. If the gum has already hardened, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Scrape the hardened gum from the sofa with a butter knife. Position the knife carefully between the gum and upholstery, and then gently scrape off as much gum as possible.

Step 3

Moisten a clean, white rag with dry cleaning solvent. Sponge the solvent directly onto any remaining gum stain.


Step 4

Blot the spot with a clean white cloth to absorb the solvent. Alternate sponging on dry cleaning solvent, then blotting with a clean portion of the dry cloth until the gum is gone.

Step 5

Mix 1 tbsp. of white vinegar, 1 tbsp. of dish soap and 2 cups of warm water into a bowl if any of the gum stain remains after using the dry cleaning solvent. Sponge the solution onto the spot with a clean, white rag. Blot with a dry white rag to absorb the liquid. Repeat this process until the gum stain is gone.

Step 6

Rinse the sofa with a clean rag and cold water once all of the gum is gone. Blot with a dry rag to remove any moisture.