How to Make Natural Plant Bug Spray

Things You'll Need

  • Knife

  • Onion

  • Garlic

  • Red pepper powder

  • Large cooking pot

  • Stove

  • Airtight container

  • Strainer

  • Spray bottle

  • Soap flakes

  • Neem oil

Keep bugs off plants with natural, homemade bug sprays.

Many gardeners seek natural alternatives to the use of chemical products for the purpose of eliminating or controlling insect pests. Natural bug sprays for use on and around garden plants are quite easy to make. They do not harm plants and, following application, pose no danger to people or pets that may come into contact with them. You may make a bug spray using natural ingredients, some of which you may already have in your kitchen cupboard.

Red Pepper Spray

Step 1

Roughly chop an unpeeled onion. Cut a head of garlic into quarters. Place onion and garlic into a large cooking pot with 17 ounces of water and 1 heaping tbsp. of red pepper powder.

Step 2

Boil the contents of the pot for 30 minutes, let it cool and transfer it to an airtight container. Leave the container in a cool, dark place to brew for four to six weeks. It is best to make the concoction before planting so that it will be ready when you need it.

Step 3

Strain 1 tbsp. of the red pepper mixture into a spray bottle and fill with a pint of water. Add 1 tsp. of soap flakes and shake to combine. Spray on plants affected by aphids, caterpillars or corn borers.

Neem Oil Spray

Step 1

Fill a spray bottle with water, add 1 tbsp. of soap flakes and shake the bottle to combine the soap and water.

Step 2

Add five to 10 drops of neem oil when the bubbles have settled. Turn the spray bottle over a couple of times to combine the need oil without frothing the soap again.

Step 3

Spay plants affected by aphids, whiteflies or spider mites.


When not in use, keep neem oil out of reach of children.